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Chose Your fabrics
Sammy Sprawler

Sammy's Snuggler

You've selected to customize the Sammy's Snuggler. We want you to have a fun and easy experience designing your own custom pet bed. We have thousands of fabrics to choose from, let's start by narrowing it down to a few of your favorites.

In the section below please choose several fabrics you would like to experiment with in the next step of the design process. You will be designing your bed live! Be sure to choose a couple different combinations so you have plenty of options to play with!

This is a simple 5 step process. See tutorial if you need help with the design process.

Choose Your Bed Fabrics

Select a few fabrics to add to your design cart that you'd like to see on the bed.

Choose Your Trim Accent

Select a few solid colors that you would like to try as trim accent on your new pet bed.

Build Your Bed

Now that you've selected the fabrics you love, you get to design your bed with those fabrics here. This bed is reversible too!

Top of the snuggler

Bottom of the snuggler

Top of the Bed Premium Fabric + $2

Which one of the fabrics would you like to use for the top of the bed?

  • Premium
Bottom of the BedPremium Fabric + $2

Which one of the fabrics would you like to use for the bottom of the bed?

  • Premium
Inner Wall Premium Fabric + $2

Which one of the fabrics would you like to use for the inner wall of the bed?

  • Premium
Outer Wall Premium Fabric + $2

Which one of the fabrics would you like to use for the outer wall of the bed?

  • Premium
Trim Premium Fabric + $2

Which one of the fabrics would you like to use for the trim?

  • Premium

We offer complimentary embroidery of your pet's name as part of our design-your-own service. The embroidery will only be placed where you see it in this preview. While this bed is reversible, the embroidery will only be one side of the bed.


Would you like to have your pets' name embroidered on the bed?

  • Yes please!
  • No thank you

Embroidery Font

Your pets name will be in this font on your custom pet bed.


Would you like a completely unique embroidery option?

Some of our customers like really unique embroidery options, if you select this options, we'll contact you personally over the phone to help you with this option.

  • Yes, definitely! (additional $20)
  • No, not this time
Pick Your Size

You're only one step away from finalizing your own custom designed pet bed. Yay!


What size pet bed would you like?

If you need help selecting the right size, view our size guide. (your selection of size won't change the product image)

Final Touches

We're almost done! Review your new custom pet bed design here. Simply add to cart when you're done! If you want to make some changes, you can jump between the steps if you need to. Remember, this is YOUR custom designed pet bed.


Would you like waterproof inserts?

How Many Beds would you like? (required)

If you're happy with your design, please check the box below (required).

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Sammy’s Snuggler


The new Snuggler pet bed is the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and fashionable design! With its full four wall bolsters its perfect for curling up and snuggling in! Each bed is custom designed by YOU and handmade with high end materials in the USA. It will fit perfectly with your home décor, expressing yours and your pet’s personal style. All beds are made with love and with the same care and detail you would find in your own high end bedding or piece of furniture.

Please scroll down to view our Size Char below if you’re unsure what size pet bed is right for you!


Your Pet’s Name


Please checkout the fabric gallery below to select your fabrics. Copy and paste the image title into the fields below. Trim must be a solid color.

Embroidery Color

This is the color your pet’s name will display in. If you tell us something like “light blue”, we’ll match that light blue to the color of the light blue in the fabrics you chose.

Embroidery Font

Your pets name will be in this font on your custom pet bed.

Removable Pillow

Removable bottom pillow

Removable Pillow Fabrics

If you’ve selected the removable option, please select your fabrics from the gallery and copy and paste their titles below.

Waterproof Inserts

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Product Description

Waterproof Inserts

Every bed has a removable washable cover, but what about the insides?

With this new add on you can protect the insides of your bed from any accidents or spills. These inserts use a special fabric that repels water and safely guards the stuffing on the inside! Not to mention this makes your life easier during the dreadful puppy potty training phase or the occasional furry friend accident!

Your bed will come pre-assembled with the waterproof inserts already installed so you can give your furry friend their bed right out of the box. Waterproof inserts can be ordered for the main bed pillow (seat only) or for the whole bed!


Don’t just buy a bed, make a statement! Select any of the below accessorize to make your new custom bed EVEN BETTER or select any of our unique personalized accessories on their own! All fully customizable, personalization included, and they make great gifts! 

Personalized Bone Pillow 

Don’t just create a bed, make a statement! Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! The bone pillow makes to perfect add on to your new custom bed! Its adorable and ultra comfy for your pup to rest their head. Choose a matching fabric to go with your bed or a contrasting pattern for a bold look! Perfect for gifts! Finish your design by personalizing with your pet’s name!


Personalized Blanket

Lets get cozy! Personalized blankets can be made with one of our premium cotton fabrics paired with a solid minky back or if you want to get extra luxurious and cuddly you can design a double sided minky blanket. Each blanket is trimmed with an accent cording to give it just the right amount of pop! Finish with your pet’s name. All blanket are washable, super soft, and adorable! Perfect for gifts!



Personalized Toy Baskets 

Keep all their toys tidy with our personalized toy basket. Choose any fabric from our thousands of options to create a fun combination that matches your bed or just to have a beautiful place to store their toys alone. Select a fabric for the basket cover, font for your baby’s name, and name color. All basket covers are removable and washable and made from upholstery grade fabric for durability!

Our Promise

Quality Products That Feel And Looks Like Furniture

  • Each bed is made with 100% USA designer fabric that has the look and feel of high end upholstery and makes the beds extremely durable.
  • When making each bed we pay attention to the big details that make a big difference and the small details that truly astonish
  • Premium poly-fill used for ultimate comfort and longevity ( made from recycled materials with an extra bouncy loft )
  • All name embroideries are dense, smooth, and are placed on the back pillow so when you are reversing your bed you can see the embroidery and read it no matter what side you are on. (Email us if you have a custom design or placement request for your embroidery)
  • Sustainable products; eco friendly, socially and environmentally conscious business model. We use recycled fiberfill for our interior stuffing and all left over fabric from the beds are repurposed to make the beautiful accessories you see on our site. We try to limit our carbon footprint and waste. In edition on elf our core values is to give back to our community. We donate several beds a year to no kill shelters and auctions to raise money for rescue organizations. Our goal is to be able to eventually give a portion of every bed we sell to our rescue partners.

Sammy’s Sew Shop Customer Commitment 

Excellence. Quality. Customer Service

  • Our customers are the driving force behind our success as a business and are our number one priority. Message us with any question, concerns, or request and we will promptly respond to you
  • Assistance with bed design and fabric selection is always available just contact us
  • Proofing Process – After you order your bed an email will be sent to you to review your order along with a picture of your fabric selections, bed layout, and font choice/color. Before construction begins we allow you to see your selections together and have the opportunity to make any changes to your order. We require your proof approval to ensure that your custom bed to ensure your order is exactly how you would like it

Customer Service That Makes A Difference

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